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The Best Garden Tools to Have on Hand



Getting out into the garden in the spring is even more delightful when you have the right tool for the job. Here’s a list of garden tools we think should be in every shed:

  • Garden Tote – A heavy canvas tote is great for storing hand tools and ensuring you have what you need at hand when you’re out in the garden
  • Best Garden Tools | Farmside Landscape and DesignGloves – Depending on the kind of work you’ll do, you may need several pairs; fitted, synthetic gloves that are washable and allow for maximum dexterity for tasks like deadheading and planting seeds; latex-coated cotton gloves for handling wet or muddy jobs and thorny plants like roses (the latex is puncture-resistant); thick, leather gloves for heavy-duty jobs like clearing brush
  • Hand Rake – Lets you easily rake around plants without damaging them
  • Shears – Perfect for trimming grass around shrubs and tree trunks
  • Best Garden Tools | Farmside Landscape and DesignGarden Scissors – Fine enough to allow for nimble deadheading, cutting herbs and thinning perennials
  • Hand Pruner – Use for cutting branches that are less than ¾” thick
  • Long handled pruner – Ideal for cutting larger branches (thicker than ¾”)
  • Hand Weeder – Its long handle makes it easy to reach far into garden beds and its thin, sharp blades are perfect for removing shallow-rooted weeds
  • Round-Headed Shovel – For digging holes for tree and shrub plantings and moving materials such as compost, gravel, sand and topsoil
  • Best Garden Tools | Farmside Landscape and DesignSpade – Allows for digging holes in tight spaces
  • Bow Rake – Use to level soil for planting, to evenly spread compost, mulch, gravel and sand
  • Digging/Pitch Fork – Lets you cultivate/turn over soil, dig in soil amendments like fertilizers and compost, and lift perennials and bulbs for dividing and transplanting
  • Leaf Rake – Raking and clearing leaves and garden debris from lawns

No time for yard work? No worries – call us at Farmside and we’ll take care of things for you!